Monday, October 27, 2008


Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce I am launching a BIG sale this week on gift certificates. I'm so thankful for the huge increase in business this year, so this is kind of my way of saying thank you. Christmas is right around the corner and I know that means everyone is spending like crazy. :-) So, hopefully this offer will help. Here's how it works....

For the next 7 days (Oct 27th-Nov 2nd) all gift certificates purchased will be worth double the value paid. What does this mean? If you buy a gift certificate for $25, it will be worth $50!!! Buy them for friends or relatives as gifts for the holidays....or buy them for yourself. I've had a lot of clients purchase these recently and it's such a great present. Gift certificates may be purchased at a maximum value of $100 for this deal. So, if you spend $100...that means your gift recipient gets a $200 credit for sessions and prints!!! This offer is only valid for NEW sessions booked....i.e. if you have already scheduled your newborn's session, you'll have to use this offer to book their 6 month portrait session...or some other session down the road. Another reason to buy these now is because starting in 2009 my prices will be changing. Buy a gift certificate this week and you lock in the 2008 rates. Gift certificates purchased this week won't expire until 12-31- 2009. really is a great deal!

Email me with any questions at . Have a great day!!!!

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micah, danielle, sophie, and angus said...

excellent idea! My mother in law was just asking me what the family wanted for Christmas and this is on my list!