Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hurry hurry!!! - St. Petersburg, FL Photographer

I'm feeling generous today. Maybe it's because the sun has been out just enough for my girls and I to be outside a lot. :-) So...the first person to book a session will receive a FREE album!!! It will be a brown leather 5x7 vertical album. You can see one of my previous posts that shows a similar album. It's around a $300 value. I don't know the exact value yet, because I'm still working on the pricing for these. Hahaha. All you pay is my normal $100 session fee. Get the album free with no obligation to purchase any other prints/products. Of course you may purchase additional prints, etc if you wish.

Here are a couple pictures of my oldest daughter Isabella from today. She grew her first sunflower in her garden over the winter. It started inside in a little cup and then we moved it to her own little fenced in garden. She thinks it's pretty cool. We'll have to do more soon.

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